Elden Ring Incantations – Rotten Breath

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Rotten Breath

Rotten Breath Requirement

Intelligence: 0
Faith: 15
Arcane: 12

Rotten Breath Effects

Channels dragon to spew scarlet rot breath

Rotten Breath FP Cost & Slot
FP : FP Cost 36 (4)
Slot: Slots Used 1

Rotten Breath is a Dragon Communion Incantations Magic Spells in Elden Ring. Rotten Breath cost FP Cost 36 (4) to cast and require Slots Used 1

Rotten Breath – Channels dragon to spew scarlet rot breath

Elden Ring Rotten Breath Location

Elden Ring Rotten Breath Guides

Dragon Communion Incantation

Stamina Cost: 48

Deals standard physical damage

Inflicts Scarlet Rot (65per tick) on opponents.

Like other generic Breath incantations, this spell has long wind-up time of 2seconds.

Covers a wide area and can occasionally ricochet from walls and non-destructible objects.

Duration can be extended to breathe again, and you can swivel your character while casting to spew in different directions.

Full cast requires at least 60FPbut will use up to 104FP with no additional benefit before any FP-conservating buffs.

It takes on average5seconds including initial wind-up to complete the full cast.

Unlike the named Breath spells, cannot be cast while jumping.

Can be used while on horseback.

NOTE: As of Patch 1.07, the Scarlet Rot buildup this spell causes has been reduced from 110 per tick to 65 per tick.

Rotten Breath Elden Ring Build

Similar to other Dragon Incantation, Rotten Breath are often used when you progress far in the game and want to enhance your build with some more damage.

One of the most common builds including Rotten Breath is Bleed Build

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