Maneater Guide – All Hunters Boss | How to fight Infamy Level Boss
Maneater Infamy Level Boss Guide. All Maneater Hunter Bosses and how to fight them.
Maneater Guide – All Apex Predators | How to fight Apex Predators
All seven Apex Predators in Maneater and how to fight them!
Maneater Organ Guide – All Organ Upgrade Explained
Ultimate guide to Maneater Organs Evolution, including the best organs set for different situations
Maneater Evolution Guide – All Evolution Types and Ability
Maneater is an open-world indie title by developer Tripwire. During your journey to become the biggest-baddest shark in the sea, you will unlock various upgrades, called “evolution”. These evolutions enhance the ability of the shark, as well as let you use special ability. Let’s take a look at all the evolution types and it’s benefit...
Maneater Impression Action-RPG Open-World-Shark-Simulator?
Tired of being a dumb Goat and a troublesome Goose? Try to be a Shark!

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