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The American Colonies, 1775. A brave young warrior fights to save his homeland. But what begins as a struggle over territory turns into an extraordinary journey that will transform him into a Master Assassin—and will forever change the destiny of a nation.

You are Connor, warrior son of a Native American mother and British father. As the colonies draw closer to revolution, you will dedicate your life to the freedom of your clan –becoming the spark that ignites the revolution into full blaze. Your crusade will take you through blood-soaked battlefields to crowded city streets, to perilous wilderness and beyond. You will not only witness history—you will make it.
Welcome to an entirely new chapter in the Assassin’s Creed saga.

Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment

Publisher: Ubisoft Montreal

Support By: Ubisoft Singapore

Support By: Ubisoft Annecy

Port By: Ubisoft Bucharest

Port By: Ubisoft Kiev

Support By: (Archive) Ubisoft Quebec

Developer: Ubisoft

Developer: Ubisoft

Assassin’s Creed III Release Date

Xbox 360

NA – Oct 30, 2012

EUR – Oct 31, 2012

JP – Nov 15, 2012

Wii U

NA – Nov 18, 2012

EUR – Nov 30, 2012

JP – Dec 08, 2012

PC (Microsoft Windows)

NA – Nov 20, 2012

EUR – Nov 23, 2012

JP – Dec 21, 2012

PlayStation 3

JP – Nov 15, 2012

NA – Oct 30, 2012

EUR – Oct 31, 2012

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