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Seventeen of the world’s deadliest fighters, explosive martial arts moves and savage special attacks. All brought to life by super smooth animation running at a TV scorching 50 frames per second (Original description).

Tekken is the first game in the Tekken series. It was released in arcades on December 9, 1994 in Japan, and on December 11, 1994 in Europe and North America. It was then ported to the Sony PlayStation on March 31, 1995 in Japan, November 7, 1995 in Europe, and on November 8, 1995 in North America. The game was met with many positive reviews.

Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCEI)

Developer: Namco

Developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Tekken Release Date


WORLD – Dec 09, 1994


WORLD – Mar 31, 1995

PlayStation 3

WORLD – Mar 31, 2011

PlayStation Portable

WORLD – Mar 31, 2011

PlayStation Vita

WORLD – Mar 31, 2011

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