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The game from 2010 has been remastered for the PS4 with one of Yakuza 4’s main protagonists, Masayoshi Tanimura, being recast and getting a visual makeover.

Kamuro Chou, the entertainment district is about to be bloodbath again. This time, we have four rising dragons. Each of the protagonists has a different fighting style and each of them has to go through sets of impossible trials to find their destiny. The line between game and reality is further blurred, earlier, in 2009, Sega hosts a beauty pageant, and the seven winners became models of their game avatars. Some of them are bar girls, some are hostesses, visit the “play spots” with them, ask them to date in the spas and sing karaoke with them. The Rising Dragon is looking for a successor, will you be it?

Developer: SEGA of Japan

Publisher: Ryū Ga Gotoku Studios

Yakuza 4 Remastered Release Date

PlayStation 4

JP – Jan 17, 2019

NA – Oct 29, 2019

EUR – Oct 29, 2019

PC (Microsoft Windows)

WORLD – Jan 28, 2021

Xbox One

EUR – Jan 28, 2021

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