MHW Iceborne Best Weapons Compilation [2020 Safi’jiiva Meta]

MHW Iceborne Title Updates Roadmap – 2020

PC/ Console

MHW Iceborne Updates Roadmap Summary

  • All platform will be synced as of April 2020
  • All platform will receive a new monster on May
– New Special Event on February
– Two new monsters’s variant (subspecies) on March
– New Arch-Tempered + Master Rank versions of Existing Monsters on April
– New Fest
– Title Update 1 on February (Rajang)
– RE Collaboration Quest + Weapon Design Event on February 6
– Title Update 2 (Stygian Zinogre + Safi’jiiva) on March 12
Iceborne Gun Lance Guide

MHW Iceborne Best Gunlance [2020]

Best Iceborne Gunlance Queen’s Panoply – Normal ShellBroken Silence – Wide Shelling (Before Ruinous Nergigante)Ruinous Eradication – Wide Shelling (Ruinous Nergigante)Safi’s Shatterbuster – (Custom Shelling Awaken …
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MHW Iceborne Best Switch Axe [2020]

Best Iceborne Switch Axe Safi’s ShatteraxeGolden CrescentUndying Axe Ruinous Light Best Iceborne Elemental Switch Axe Lohenbeil – Fire (Anjanath)Hector Glacia – Ice (Legiana and Velkhana)Thundercleave II – Lighting …
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Monster Hunter World Bow Guide

MHW Iceborne Best Bows [2020]

Best MHW Iceborne Bow Glavenus Arrow II – FireIcicle Blizzard II/ Alluring Evelia – IceLaguna Shot II – WaterThundering Strikebow/ Despot’s Early Bolt – LightingDeathbow Vaal …
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MHW Iceborne Best Dual Blades [2020 – Safi Dual Blades Meta Build] Best MHW Iceborne Dual Blades. TL;DR Version – All Safi’jiiva Dual Blades with Elemental Up (VI+V+V+V+V) Anja Twinrippers II – FireJyura Keenblades II WaterKadachi Greathawk II …
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Monster Hunter World -Insect Glaive Guides

MHW Iceborne Best Insect Glaives [Updated 2020]

Best Iceborne Insect Glaives (No Particular Order) Infinite WisdomMetalmanglerRuinous Catastrophe Best Elemental Insect Glaives Blossomajesty – Fire Hydros Arcana – WaterWise Fylos – IceInfinite Wisdom (Hidden Element Dragon) Table …
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