God of War

God of War – Fighting the Ultimate Foe
So we took out eight Valkyries in my last post – God of War – Valkyries and How to fight them. Completing that is not a minor task, but by fighting them, Kratos & Atreus also had the chance to venture to the Valkyrie questline with the information from Mimir and the Valkyries you fought....
God of War – Niflheim – The Realm of Fog
As mentioned, there are one more realm to be unlocked via rune cyphers (collected throughout your journey) This land is famous for its treasure and deadly mist - Niflheim Claiming the last cypher pieces for this realm also award you the trophy Trilingual - As the name indicate, you, or more precisely - Atreus is able to read the runes lies on the top of eight bridges entrances.
God of War – Muspelheim – The Realm of Fire
Out of nine realms, which ones you can access?

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