Monster Hunter Weapons

MHW Iceborne Safi’jiiva Weapon and Armor Guides
So you completed the Siege for the first time, now realize that you can pick weapons instead of waiting for the randomize magic work, but what’s with all those ranting about awakening the weapon? Let’s take a look at the key mechanic Updated with new information! If you are new to the Siege, continue reading!...
Monster Hunter World – Heavy Bowgun Guide and Builds [Updated 2019 With HBG Meta builds]
So I returned to Monster Hunter World after a long break, and check out what I am going to do next. This time I want to change the pace a little bit, covering these two babies in the next two posts MHW Heavy Bowgun and Light Bowgun - which I haven't dared to pick up since playing Monster Hunter World. 
Monster Hunter World – Charge Blade Guide & Builds
{:en}So after a while playing with Sword & Shield, I managed to get my hands on the Devil May Cry event and finish it with several red orbs that allow me to craft Dante’s armor set – minus the wig of course. While I don’t have the full set, a rare drop of Odogaron’s gem...
Cùng điểm qua loại vũ khí cuối cùng trong Monster Hunter World - Vũ khí tầm xa!

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