Monster hunter: World Guide

Monster Hunter World – Augmentation Guide?
MHW Augment Guide So here we are. At the range of HR 30 to 50 Struggling with almost any monsters MHW has to offer, I was at this stage when I first move to HR 50+ Almost any hard-hitting Tempered Monster give me a headache once or twice until I finally know all their moveset...
Monster Hunter World – Hunting 101
If you are new to MHW, there are high chances you will get lost in the overwhelming item list, starting from the innocent rock that you picked up in the hunt to the fancy ore that you don't know how you get. Items is a major components in Monster Hunters, knowing the usage of these is the key to master the art of monsters hunting. In this post, I will try to focus on the items that you should hold in your inventory, the usage and how to get them during your playthrough.

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